The simplicity of a Picasso

Posted by Tina on April 7, 2008, 10:15 pm
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What luck!

Yesterday while in wine country, we stopped by a friend’s house and little did I know she had a closet full of original art as well as a ceramic bowl sitting on her coffee table (a Salvador Dali large plate with a sassy blue horse). In the closet -- protected from sunlight -- were a Picasso and a Marc Chagall, I love Picasso and Chagall! The Picasso was supposedly painted right before he died. As always I am amazed at the simple ideas (and colors) Picasso would come up with and always make them look like they had never been created or painted before: splotches of paint, black lines like a railroad, and a face (you know exactly how she feels) accomplished with just a few quick strokes....
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