New work...

I completed a new "jazz" piece. It was a tasty commission in exchange for a delicious selection of 2 cases of wine. I told them fat reds. That's what I got. Yummy. See the jazz piece in "latest work":

Bye for now!

Tuesday News!

If you haven't seen a giclee print yet (you probably have but didn't realize it was one), they are amazing. They look just like you painted it on nice 100 percent cotton with matt finish paints, but it's actually a print created by a printer - a very expensive printer. The ink is sprayed on so you don't get streaks and poorly covered large painted areas. Giclees are are also available on canvas. And the nice thing about them (as if that were not enough) is that you can order one at a time if you wish vs. 1,000 copies of a lithograph for once piece. Giclee is pronounced "gee clay" (I know, it's tempting to pronounced it "guy-clee" but avoid the temptation).

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New digs

Finally in the new place, but boxes are everywhere. And, I have to set up my new art studio so I can get back to work. It's been a while since I've done a thing!

Academy of Art Univesity Spring Open House

I enjoyed my visit to the Academy of Art University's "Spring Open House." Some wonderful works were on display, in particular a beautiful bright Sharpie-pen-cap-red (don't say fire engine, candy apple or lipstick! -- but yeah, it was all of those as well) painted steel sculpture situated at the entrance -- very whimsical, loopy and David Smith/Alexander Calder-like. Very curvy and fun. Some of the portrait art was outstanding. I spent most of my time in fine art. But overall, lots of impressive work was on display. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the programs offered and pickup info....

Academy of Art Open House tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the Annual Spring Show at the Academy of Art University in SF. Can't wait to see....more when I return!

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