The greatest paint brush in the world!

If you haven't already (and you are a painter), you have to try Raphel Designer's Kolinsky Brush Series 8404 paint brushes. These brushes have the best movement I've ever experienced with a paint brush. They have a tapered body and an extra-fine point that ends in a single hair. So regardless of the size brush (sizes begin at 000 and go up to 12) you get, you can still produced very fine lines in that same stroke. They bend and go exactly where you want them with the ease of a pen. They're not too stiff (like artifical hair) or too floppy (cheap brushes).

I've already gone through one already, though only because I used it for acrylics and gouaches - acrylics are a little rough on them only because this paint is thicker than gouache and other water colors. But, if you take care of your brushes, they should last for a long while. And I still use this one, though I got myself a couple more: a 5 and a 2. I use the 5 the most because it can fill in fat spaces and yet still produce a fine line, all with the same stroke....beautiful!

You can get them at

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