Saturday Night

After a long day at the office I relaxed on the patio and watched a very beautiful sunset. There is something moving about watching the sun dip behind the mountains while the last of the sun's rays reflect on the bay. It is evident why Tina is inspired from her art studio.

The simplicity of a Picasso

What luck!

Yesterday while in wine country, we stopped by a friend’s house and little did I know she had a closet full of original art as well as a ceramic bowl sitting on her coffee table (a Salvador Dali large plate with a sassy blue horse). In the closet -- protected from sunlight -- were a Picasso and a Marc Chagall, I love Picasso and Chagall! The Picasso was supposedly painted right before he died. As always I am amazed at the simple ideas (and colors) Picasso would come up with and always make them look like they had never been created or painted before: splotches of paint, black lines like a railroad, and a face (you know exactly how she feels) accomplished with just a few quick strokes....

The greatest paint brush in the world!

If you haven't already (and you are a painter), you have to try Raphel Designer's Kolinsky Brush Series 8404 paint brushes. These brushes have the best movement I've ever experienced with a paint brush. They have a tapered body and an extra-fine point that ends in a single hair. So regardless of the size brush (sizes begin at 000 and go up to 12) you get, you can still produced very fine lines in that same stroke. They bend and go exactly where you want them with the ease of a pen. They're not too stiff (like artifical hair) or too floppy (cheap brushes).

I've already gone through one already, though only because I used it for acrylics and gouaches - acrylics are a little rough on them only because this paint is thicker than gouache and other water colors. But, if you take care of your brushes, they should last for a long while. And I still use this one, though I got myself a couple more: a 5 and a 2. I use the 5 the most because it can fill in fat spaces and yet still produce a fine line, all with the same stroke....beautiful!

You can get them at

About Me...

I have lived in the Bay Area since 1996. I work in a variety of mediums though at the moment mostly gouache and acrylic paints. I studied journalism and art at San Diego State University.

In 1988, I created a line of "fish" magnets and initial orders from Pottery Barn and Nordstrom launched my small company. Over the next few years (and with the help of reps) my colorful magnets were available all over the country.

Having the business was exhausting, but very rewarding....

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